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About us.

Eat Me I’m Famous opened its first outlet in January 2012 in St Augustine street St Julians, selling pizza made from handmade dough inhouse. The second outlet was opened in Elija Zammit street in St Julians, followed by the third outlet situated in the heart of San Gwann back in 2015. Subsequently, we expanded our menu to include salads, pasta, snacks and meals whilst simultaneously making sure we cater to various dietary needs and food preferences. We also make food deliveries until 11pm in San Gwann and until 6am in St Julians.

We pride ourselves on making pizza from top quality ingredients – the finest flour, 100% semolina, 100% mozzarella and purified water. We also knead and work our dough by hand, rather than mechanically. We strive to make sure that our dough is the best around and is always made fresh and not frozen. In fact, apart from supplying our own shops with the dough, we also supply other shops and catering establishments around the Island.

The last few years Eat Me I’m Famous has proudly taken part in various outside events including Tomorrowland, MTV, Delicata wine festival, boxing events and various Charities.

Even though Eat me I’m Famous has had to heartbreakingly close the doors of its Elija Zammit street outlet in the midst of the current Covid-19 situation, it is still committed to opening new locations for broader delivery reach once things go back to normal.

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